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Welcome to the Fashion Conservatory Research Portal

We don’t want to grandstand, but our research portal is the cat’s meow! With archivists adding new information every week, you’re sure to be a vintage fashion ace in no time. Now that you’re in the know, lace up your gumshoes and give it a whirl!

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  1. Interesting characters & little known facts from the fashion world
  2. Top notch research from vintage fashion archivists
  3. New posts every week

[  Label Archive  ]

  1. The most comprehensive archive of vintage fashion labels online
  2. Over 4219 fashion labels available
  3. Over 81906 garment images
  4. Information about vintage fashion designers
  5. Details about department stores, labels and boutiques
  6. New information added daily
  7. Gain full access to this incredible resource by creating a free account!
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